Community Partner Membership

Suggested price: $2,500.00

Minimum price: $2,500.00



This membership is for organizations deeply committed to the cluster’s success and wishing to sponsor at a higher level.

As a sponsor-level member, your organization will have access to services, partners, R&D, events, and funding opportunities that will help you grow and innovate. Working together, the cluster will bring access to markets, institutional partners, and solutions that only collaborative competition will surface. Around the globe, international corporations, SMEs, and start-ups have found this model unparalleled for leading life science ecosystem growth.

Sponsor-level benefits:

  • Member-only event planning & feature*
  • Event recognition & sponsor benefits**
  • Preference for delegation visits
  • Speaking opportunity @ specified event

Included member benefits:

  • Logo Recognition
  • Member Events
  • Highlighted in Marketing & E-news
  • Preference for Innovation Team participation
  • Business angel network development
  • Business Development Services
  • Market analysis reports

*Evergreen Bio will follow all public health advisories when determining event schedules and modalities.

**Event sponsors receive various levels of benefits based on event type – see specific event sponsor benefits later.

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