Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Cluster

A newly formed, grant funded initiative with the mission to make Washington state and the Mountain Northwest a magnet for Bioscience.

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Join us on October 11th, 2022, for our signature event: “Collaboration: Key to a Thriving BioScience Cluster”
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Our Mission

To make Washington State and the Mountain Northwest a magnet for companies providing and consuming expert life and health science contract research, development, and manufacturing services of medicines and medical devices, by enhancing workforce development and services to pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

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Our Ambition

To make Washington State and the Mountain Northwest the hub of a world-class, thriving, sustainable life and health sciences contract service industry by 2040.

What is an innovation cluster?

A formalized, corporate industry led, member-based organization that includes partners from five economic segments.

Partners work together to drive innovation, overcome barriers, access new market opportunities, attract talent and captial via an agreed upon portfolio of projects.

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Membership Levels

Regional leaders
Community partner
Large business, academia, government, and fundinal/capital partners (100+ FTE employees)
Medium business (25-100 FTE employees)
Small business (5-25 employees)
Startup business and individuals (<5 employees)
Student/postdoc (must demonstrate eligibilty with student ID)

Our Team

Katrina Rogers

Katrina Rogers

Chief Executive Officer

Stacia Rasmussen

Program Manager

Gary Ballew

Business Development Officer

Mary Waiss

Industry and Board Chair

Susan Ashe


Michaele Armstrong

Michaele Armstrong


Glenn Prestwich


Jolene Anderson


Shane Needham

Shane Needham

Member at Large

Andy Johnston

Member at Large

A Word From Our CEO

I'm proud to be the CEO of Evergreen Bioscience Innovation. When we work together, everything is possible.

Katrina RogersChief Executive Officer

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801 W Riverside, Suite 200, Spokane, WA 99201

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