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A project team from Cushman & Wakefield (C&W), the firm selected by a community group of stakeholders to conduct the much anticipated life science asset and landscape study, visited Spokane Monday and Tuesday this week. The study project has been named the Inland Northwest Life Science Growth Project.

If this is your first time hearing about the study, its purpose is to assess Spokane County as a location for life sciences companies and contract services companies. After which, C&W will “provide recommendations for a strategic plan, asset map and timeline to retain, grow, and attract companies from within the industry,” as stated in the project’s Request for Proposal posted at the beginning of the year.

C&W has broken their approach out into three steps and will assist Spokane County with Life Science market positioning across critical categories of talent, demographics, infrastructure, market factors, and competitive landscape. C&W’s strategy will evaluate the market and ecosystem from an occupier’s perspective–highlighting competitive advantages, opportunities, and areas of weakness through the lens of life science companies. The results will help prioritize areas of improvement and create a compelling marketing story for the opportunity.

The study is set to conclude early June and will be a strategic guide for organizations seeking to grow the life sciences in the greater Spokane region, Evergreen Bio included.